Kearney Donald Partnership provides a wide range of consultancy services expanded beyond the traditional Planning and Building Warrant drawing packages. We undertake projects of all sizes ranging from small single room house extensions to large commercial and residential projects. Our services are structured around our clients requirements, assisting them where required with the preparation of the brief.

Initial contact is followed by a detailed discussion at which the client’s requirements are agreed. This allows Kearney Donald Partnership to provide the client with detailed fee and service proposals. Our appointment is based on the Scottish Conditions of Appointment of an Architect.

We offer all services from stage 1.0 - Preparation of the Brief all the way through to stage 7.0 – Contract Administration and stage 8.0 – Post Completion Work.

We also offer additional services such as :-

  • Measured surveys of sites and buildings.
  • Preparation of “as-existing” drawings.
  • Dilapidation surveys and reports.
  • Artist Impression/Computer graphics.
  • CDM Coordinator service.
  • Project Management.
  • Preparation of feu plans.
  • Preparation of License Court drawings.
  • Staged building Inspections/Certification.
 on the Kearney Donald Partnership website.  on the Kearney Donald Partnership website.