Fort William High Street Development for Highland Council Granted Planning Approval

Planning Permission has been granted approval for a block of 12 Flats designed by Kearney Donald Partnership on Fort William High Street. 

The site is the former Scottish Crafts and Whiskey Centre. The former center will be demolished and the new block of 12 flats will be erected in it's place. The block of flats will sit away from the existing Free Church of Scotland building, allowing the Listed Church to stand as its own entity. This also creates views from the High Street through to the Loch on the bypasss side.

The proposal create a strong new modern design that responds to the rectilinear form of development along the High Street while not turning its back on the waterfront. Effectively creating two outward looking elevations. The three blocks of accommodation are linked with a central staircase and lift giving access to all three flats at each level. This vertical circulation zone is central within the site which will result in people passing through the site to the side of the building on the high street and under the building on the by-pass side.

The three blocks of accommodation have separate mono pitch roof forms that break down the mass of the building. The direction of the roofs reflects the loch side position reminiscent of “waves” coming ashore and then receding back out to sea


Kearney Donald Partnership website.